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McConkey Sets New World Record PDF Print E-mail
Written by McConkey Racing Admin   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 21:20

Snowmobiler smashes speed record


Posted Wednesday March 18, 2009

Worlds fastest single engine snowmobile 190.0 mph in 2000'


Tom McConkey of Coldwater reached a top speed of 190 miles per hour (306 kilometres per hour) at the North Bay Snowmobile Speed Runs event on Lake Nipissing on Sunday, setting a new world record for a single engine snowmobile.

It was the fifth time this year that the 44-year-old has broken his own record but the first time that anyone has topped 190 miles per hour.

"I've got the world's fastest single engine snowmobile," McConkey said yesterday.

McConkey Prepares to smash old speed record.

None of the 10 other serious contenders at the North Bay event even came close to matching McConkey, who first broke the record two years ago with a speed of 177 miles per hour.

McConkey started racing in 1997 and hasn't lost a race in the past five years.

McConkey said he thought he might have had a record-breaking run after completing the 600-metre stretch on Nipissing, but at the time, he didn't think he had topped the major milestone.

"I knew I was moving, but I figured I did about 180 or 182, but I knew I was going pretty good. It was really smooth."

Weather conditions for the run were not ideal. McConkey said the temperature was just above freezing and the sun was out, which made for softer ice.

But he proved his speed was no fluke when he reached 189.8 on his next try.

McConkey said he planned to retire after this season, but with the prospect of reaching 200 miles per hour (321 km/h), he says he will be back again next winter to try to reach that goal.

"If I don't get it, I'll be close," he said.

World Record pass

Initially, McConkey was able to break the world record without using turbo, supercharge or nitrous.

"Everyone else was using it, so we decided this year it was time to level the playing field."

This year, McConkey decided to add nitrous oxide to his 400 horsepower engine, bringing the total horsepower up to 540. He's hoping to push that up to 600 next year when he goes for the 200 mile-per-hour mark.

McConkey's machine is a Ski- Doo at its core. Don and Curtis Emery of Hawkestone built the engine and Graham Barkey built the exhaust.

World Speed record setting Quadzilla III

Also part of McConkey's team is manager Carl McBride and Richard Hackett, who helps him on race day.

For many, the feeling of travelling at speeds in excess of 300 km/h is hard to fathom, but McConkey said it's the greatest feeling in the world.

"You're laid out on a sled on a wide-open lake holding onto the throttle and the nitrous. The sled starts shaking and the heart is pumping -- that's the ultimate speed thrill right there."

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Extreme Weekend PDF Print E-mail
Written by McConkey Racing Admin   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 21:25

Tuesday, 06 February 2007

The Phone rang on Tuesday morning, It was Dr. Don calling extending a personal invitation to spend a weekend with Radar Runs Madman Tom Mc Conkey and the DNE Crew. The destination was Thetford Mines Quebec the home of Atelier Adrien Bernard masters of the Nikatech cylinder re-plating. Renauld Bernard of Adrien Benard had invited long time customer DNE to participate in the Extreme Weekend fest hosted by the Club des Motoneigistes du LAC William Inc. in St Ferdinand located north of Sherbroke QC.


After the ten hour ride to get there we were greeted at Adrien Benards by Renauld and his staff. After letting the Bernard staff and the CV Tech Brass have a peek at the Team McConkey's hardware in the trailer we were treated to a sneak peek of our own. Renauld offered a personal guided of their facility. Due to closely guarded trade secrets yours truly had to leave the camera in the truck for this one (sorry guys).


When we went inside the first thing that was apparent to us was how warm and receptive the entire staff was and how enthusiastic they all seemed to see us. These folks really looked like they enjoy what they do and are passionate about doing things the right way. The entire facility is wall to wall floor to celing well stocked with cylinders, crankshafts, crankcases, clutches cores and and all the required equipment and manpower to perform repairs and the remanufacturing process.

When it comes to snowmobile and ATV engine reconditioning I don't think that there is much that these guys can't do!
Cylinder welding, boring, replating, crankshaft and clutch services and the knowledge and experience that has earned them a reputation a leader in the industry. Be sure to check out there site for complete information on all of their products and services. www.cvtech-aab.com

After our tour we saddled up again and headed over to Mercier Marine the local Skidoo Dealer. Mario Mercier was gracious enough to open his shop up to us and let us keep the race trailer in his dealership overnight. We chatted a bit then made our way over to Lac Willam in St-Ferdinand to check out the track conditions.


When we arrived at St-Ferninand it was already dark and the crew was still working on the track for the next days competition. We walked the track it was nice and straight and nearly 3500 feet long but needed to be extended to 4000 feet to allow for a safe shutdown after a 160+ mph pass. The track was ideal for trail and improved stock classes but would prove to be a chalenge for an open mod sled with limited suspension. There was a hump about 500' out from the starting line and another about 200' from the trap that would have to be approached with caution with the upper class sleds. Next year there will be a shaver Benard stated.




Saturday morning we loaded up the trailer and headed for the lake, The wind was blowing North by Northwest gusting up to 35kms with a wind chill of -14c. We unloaded the sleds from the trailer and got Tom ready to make a test past on each sled. Racing began at 1pm. With wind and track conditions less than ideal at the time none the less the racing was fast and furious. I don't think I have ever been to a radar run that got so many racers down the track so quickly and effeciently and without incidence. Props to the Club des Motoneigistes du LAC William Inc. for hosting such a well organized event. These guys were great to work with and more than accomadating to us all.

There were some impressive Yamaha's there turning upper 150's, Some machs that were well inside the 120mph club and a host of other top performers. forgive me for not being able to quote all of the performance numbers but you can view the results from the gallery were we took photos of the results. You can view them here

Other photos of the day have been posted in the event gallery here

Radar Runs madman Tom McConkey was kind enough to let us wire him up with a helmet cam. catch a ride with him making a 162+ mph pass giving up nearly a half track to avoid the speed bumps. a wild ride none the less! Check the video out here:




This is certianly going to be an event worth repeating next year for sure! It was a great venue hosted and attended by a great bunch of folks. We hope to see you all at the track!